Review - Rag'in Crawfish

    Went out last night to the Rag'in Crawfish.

    Liked the openness of the restaurant. Any place that lines their tables with butcher paper is going to be a fun experience. When we got there the place was quite busy but they seated us right away. We ordered our drinks and then got to ordering our food. The waitress asked if we wanted bibs and gloves. At first we said no but then got them. If you go use the bibs and gloves as it is a messy experience.

    Had the Alaskan Crab Legs as I love crab. It was $19.99 a pound for the crab. Every item has options as to sauce and heat level. We chose medium for all of the heat levels except for the crab legs that was mild.

    We also chose the live Crawfish. They have live and frozen to choose from.

    Lastly, Shrimp. They have the shrimp several ways depending on how much work you want to do. You can get them shells on and not deveined or as we got them, fully prepared to just eat.

    Everything was great. This was the first time I have ever eaten crawfish so we asked how to eat it. "Just rip the head off and suck out the meat". That about covers it.

    All in the experience is something that I would do again. It's not an everyday type of experience but a couple of times a year would be fun.

    With tip the bill was $70.00 for 2. I'm sure I could do much more damage but my first experience was good.

    Quick note:

    I'm not allergic to shell fish usually. I did have a little reaction after eating here. Took a Benadryl and solved the issue. Just thought you should know.

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